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Corporate Clients

Understanding that each event requires personalized detail, please contact Christopher to get started on a quote.  

Wise Man Productions can help with setting headshots for your employees to use on your website or on any of their professional platforms.


We can create group photos that stand out from the rest.

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All the while creating a fun environment allowing your company to be the main focus!

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For my corporate clients, be sure to have your staff scheduled in advance for what time you want them to have their shots taken.  Give each person at least a 20-30 minute time frame.  Depending on the person and the work day, times per  person can vary.

As for location, an open space in your offices with windows nearby is best.  Seating, foliage, bookshelves, etc. help to enhance the shots.

As for wardrobe and make-up. please have your employees dressed as they would for a typical work day.  A warm and inviting/friendly look is what I always aim for especially if you are posting images to your website/social media sites.

Individual shots, Group shots, images of the work space, staff in action.  We can facilitate any and all of this to capture the look and feel that shows your company in the best light.

I am here to help create your branding.  If you have a specific look you are going for by all means communicate that to me.  I'm here for you and to make your company stand out from the rest!

Some food for thought when preparing for your photo shoot day

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