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Things to Know When Prepping for your Shoot

Below are a few pointers that help you prepare for your photo shoot

whether it is for yourself of your office staff.  I spell it all out for you to make it as easy an experience for you as ever.


Bring at least six options of tops to change into. You want to have as many options as possible

Bring choices that can be layered together.

Pastels and bright colors work great. Try to stay away from only browns.  Choose colors that you know pick up the color of your eyes.


No harsh patterns.

Comfortable shoes.

Clean crisp Jeans and or Khakis.

Jackets on the Hanger Bar
Cosmetic Products


Don't forget that the main point of a headshot is to show the 'true you'! 

You should look as natural and most like yourself as possible. 

Women:  Simple make-up/hair.  Don't over-do the eye shadow, liner, etc. unless you are looking for a dramatic image.

Men:  For more options, don’t shave. Shave on site.  Unless necessary for major skin blemishes, I recommend that guys not use any base makeup.  I can 'soften' the skin in post production. 

Both:  You should consider bringing some form of lip balm for dry lips.

Haircuts: At least one week prior.  Not the day before.

If you need a make-up artist feel free to bring your own OR you can give my colleague ANGEL SMEDLEY a ring. 

Angel Smedley: (267) 228-8221,


If not using a make-up/hair artist I suggest you bring your own brush and basic make-up from your kit.  I am more than happy to help with the little fly aways and powdering down.

Don't worry about the out of control fly aways and skin blemishes.  I'll edit them out in post production.



Listen, if this is your first time for getting headshots you're probably wiggin' out about it.  WELL DON'T!  I take great pride in that I've had several clients tell me how much fun they've had on my shoots.


I'm an easy going kind of a guy who wants to get the best out of you in the session.  Come prepared to laugh, be silly and have an all around good time.  The best photos are the ones that reflect the real you.  Don't hesitate to tell me your ideas on a shot:  Clothes, location, etc.  It's all about you.  I'm just there to facilitate what you want.  And I'm pretty much a big dork who gets giddy when I see a shot that I totally love.  Trust'll know it when I see it! 

I shoot over 300 exposures in most cases.  Out of that I widdle it down to between 200 and 250.  I'll send you your personal password to access your private gallery.

Once you see yourself, you'll wonder why you were ever worried! 

Trust my eye.  I'll be sure to make us both look good!

Image by Randy Fath


We have plenty of options for where to hold your shoot.  My in home studio takes care of the simple white, black or general 'room' backgrounds.  


My favorite shots are those taken with natural light outside. This does limit us to months of shooting.  April to November outdoors is prime shooting times.  The end of November through March does allow for some great layered looks outside as well, although weather plays a bigger part in scheduling.


Some of my favorite locations in Delaware and Chester Counties:

Ridley Creek State Park

Rose Tree Park

Struble Trail

East Goshen Park

Feel free to suggest your favorite spot.

"Have camera...will travel!"

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