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Welcome to the first go at

I'm Christopher Sapienza, and the art of Stromboli making has been passed down from generation to generation in my family.  It has been a Holiday staple for decades which meant that from Thanksgiving through New Years the Sapienza's Stromboli was requested at every gathering we attended. (Not to mention a cast party or two)

Over the years I've shared on social media images and even a live stream of me making these savory delights.  I've been asked if I would consider selling them year after year but never took it seriously. Well, I've decided to see what would happen if I opened it up to one and all!

This is a first for me friends - so please be patient.  I want you all to be able to share in this Sapienza Holiday Tradition and have never done anything like this before (well, the selling of them that is).

Are you ready to get started?  HERE WE GO!

Introducing The Two SapBoli's
$20 for either one

Each can provide just about 13 slices


The Original


Our Meat Stromboli is the original.  Filled with Pepper Ham, Italian Salami, Sharp Provolone, Whole Milk Mozzarella, Extra Sharp White Cheddar and a splash of Feta.  A light spread of Garlic cream cheese sits under all of this decadent goodness.

Once rolled the SAPBOLI is coated with a light egg wash and dashes of Garlic Powder and Oregano.


(Sautéed bell peppers and/or onions available upon request for a small extra fee)


The Sibling

Our Veggie and Cheese Stromboli  came to being when my non-meat eating friends were looking to join in the fun.  Filled with a creamy mixture of Ricotta Cheese, Sharp Provolone, Whole Milk Mozzarella, Extra sharp White cheddar and a splash of Feta - MIXED with Spinach, Red/Green/Yellow bell peppers and onions, this is sure to delight everyone who wants to get some Veggies in their meal!  And cheese - LOTS of cheese. Did I mention the cheese?!  Mmmmmmmm 


Once rolled the SAPBOLI is coated with a light egg wash and dashes of Garlic Powder and Oregano.

As you can see, there are only two options available at this time.
Who knows, if this takes off I can see a variety of selections to offer
But I'm keeping it as simple as possible for now with very few variations.

Sales will remain open until Saturday December 16, 2023
I will begin preparing the orders that week in order for them to be fresh for gatherings you will be having through the New Year.

They are each $20.

All SapBoli's will be pre-cooked.  Upon completion you will be notified when your SapBoli is ready for pick up.  You read correctly: PICK UP ONLY
(I'm in Upper Darby, PA - details given in private email)

Once you pick up your freshly made decadence of delight, you can go home
and devour it for dinner that night!
Or - I'd suggest freeze it/refrigerate it until you need it for your event.

Reheating instructions will be included.

Payments must be made at time of ordering either through this website or via Venmo (see below for details)

Please note: I take no responsibility if your doctor yells at your for eating these carbs.



Simply click on the SapBoli of your choice and proceed to the order page.  Your order will be in placed in your cart.  If you'd like to make another order simply go back and

click on your next desired SapBoli.

All Sales are Final.  No Refunds available at this time.



If you prefer paying via VENMO, y
ou can do so by emailing me your order at:

Once you send your email order - you can scan my Venmo QR code provided here
from your phone and put your order in the comments section of the Venmo page with payment.

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