"Chris is a pleasure to work with.  He is so excited & has so many great ideas.  He made me feel very comfortable & made the shoot really fun!" - Angel Smedley


"Absolutely beautiful shots of the kids!  I love how you play with light... and your instinct for the right moment to open the shutter.  Your shot of John tromping through the leaves will be a treasured memory for our family.  While I'm impressed with the quality of your shots of beautiful kids and your headshots of various beautiful models and actors, the real testament to your skill is the fact that you got a headshot of *me* to look good!"  - Jack Klotz


"Chris has a way about him that brings a fun and calm atmosphere to a sometimes stressful sitiuation.  My headshots turned out great and I will definetly be using him for any future jobs. He works hard to help people have great success.  I really enjoyed the time we worked together!" - Angie Dath


"Christopher has a keen eye for bringing out the beauty in every shot. His creative and fun personality make the experience very relaxed and enjoyable…even for those not comfortable in front of a camera.  I’ve used his work for several projects and will continue to come back for more!!  You will be very pleased with his final product!” - Danielle Tumminelli


"Chris has photographed events for Zakarak for the past several years.  In addition to having a very creative and talented eye, he also understands the "money" shots we need in order to help sell our business to other clients.  His ability to capture those, as well as provide unique, more artistic shots which we use in a variety of ways, has enabled us to produce first rate material on the web, in print and for digital presentations.  I would highly recommend Chris for your company's photographic needs." - Scott Boulware


"Words are not enough to express my gratitude!!  My headshots are fantastic.  Thank you for capturing my essence and making me feel so beautiful. I now have pictures that I am proud to send out." - Jennifer Savica