Don't forget that the main point of a headshot is to show the 'true you'!  You should look as natural and most like yourself as possible.

Women:  Simple make-up/hair.  Don't over-do the eye shadow, liner, etc.

Men:  For more options, don’t shave. Shave on site.  Unless necessary for major skin blemishes, I recommend that guys not use any base makeup.  I can 'soften' the skin in post production. 

Both:  You should consider bringing some form of lip balm for dry lips.

Haircuts: At least one week prior.  Not the day before.

If you need a make-up artist, please refer to this list.  All prices are to be paid to the make-up artist directly and not through WMP.

                (NAMES COMING SOON!)

If not using a make-up/hair artist I suggest you bring your own brush and basic make-up from your kit.  I am more than happy to help with the little fly aways and powdering down.

Don't worry about the out of control fly aways and skin blemishes.  I'll edit them out in post production.