SAPIENZA: pron. Sap-E-N-za
Meaning: Wisdom

Meet Christopher Sapienza. Photographer, Producer, Teacher and all around entertainment professional. A member of Actors' Equity Association, Screen Actors' Guild and Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, Chris has done everything from stage to screen, class rooms to show rooms.

He started his passion for photography as a teenager where he dabbled in developing his own black and white photographs in his make-shift darkroom. It took several years of this dabbling for him to be told by several friends and colleagues that he should develop his hobby into a professional career.

As an actor himself, he knows how critical a headshot is for getting someone through the door of a casting office. With this as his primary focus of work he embarked on the path towards Wise Man Productions, LLC. Along came family portraits, as well as corporate events, all the while continuing his music teaching career with special needs students in the Philadelphia region and his work as a free-lance producer for national corporate events.

So look at his work. Trust his eye. Book an appointment.

At Wise Man Productions, we strive to make all of us look good.